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Full Honor Roll

Boston, MA

1992 Detective John H. Arnstein
1993 Sergeant Richard J. Sweeney
1994 Detective Edwin J. Kennealey
1995 Police Officer Gladys Rubi Aquino-Gaines
1996 Police Officer Richard L. Whalen
1997 Sergeant Andrew G. Garvey
1998 Sergeant Robert P. Guiney
1999 Sergeant Brendan M. Craven
2000 Sergeant Detective Jeffrey I. Walcott
2001 No award - In memory of the victims of 9-11-2001
2002 Deputy Superintendent Marie L. Donahue
2003 Lieutenant Maura J. Flynn
2004 Captain Paul Russell
2005 Police Officer David Powell
2006 Police Officer Richard F. Harrington
2007 Police Officer Terry L. Cotton
2008 Sergeant Scott W. O'Brien
2009 Police Officer Terrence S. Burke

Metropolitan Washington, DC

2004 Detective Kyle Olinger, Montgomery County (MD) Police Department
2005 Second Lieutenant Randall Hargus, Fairfax County (VA) Police Department
2006 Sergeant H. Bradford Graham, Montgomery County (MD) Police Department
2007 Sergeant Wayne Santmyer, Maryland State Police
2008 Officer Dale Anonsen, Montgomery County (MD) Police Department
2009 Special Agents Noel Gleason & Shannon Croom, United States Capitol Police
2010 Senior Lieutenant Phillip Harrover, Jr., Prince William County (VA) Police Department
2011 Senior Trooper Eric Workman, Maryland State Police
2012 Senior Trooper Edward Brown Jr., Virginia State Police
2013 Lieutenant Kim Doran, Fairfax County (VA) Police Department
2014 Police Officer Jonathan Pruziner, Montgomery County (MD) Police Department

Franklin, TN

2017 Sergeant Paul Arnold

Dallas, TX

1996 Senior Corporal Ronald Iscaro
1997 Corporal Robert McGovern
1998 Police Officer David Llewellyn
1999 Senior Corporal Thomas Cicio
2000 Sergeant Tony Crawford
2001 Officer Kenneth Hall
2002 Sergeant Fred Katani
2003 Senior Corporal Sherry Goelden
2004 Officer Robert Becker
2005 Police Officer Douglas Brady
2006 Sergeant Laura Beattie
2007 Sergeant Joseph Mullen
2008 Senior Corporal Jerry Poston
2009 Sergeant Curtis Braziel
2010 Senior Corporal Jeremy Borchardt
2014 Officer Richard A. Whitt
2015 Police Officer Jimmy Hollis
2016 Senior Corporal Kevin Scahill
2017 Detective Edmundo Lujan
2018 Officer Zacharie Perez
2019 Officer Crystal Almeida Perez


2012 Crime Analyst Curt Todd
2017 Sergeant Robert Pearsey

Los Angeles, CA

2002 Deputy Terry Wenger
2003 Deputy Michael Schaap

Nashville, TN

1998 Sergeant Philip Clark Sage
1999 Detective Clifford Mann
2000 Detective Frank Pierce
2001 Sergeant James Allen
2002 Officer William Richardson
2003 Detective Joe Cooper
2004 Officer Horace Temple
2005 Officer Foster Hite
2006 Detective Jeff Ball
2007 Officer Dan Alford
2008 Sergeant Brenda Steinbrecher
2009 Police Officer James Duke
2010 Police Officer Faye Okert
2011 Lieutenant Joe McEwen
2012 Officer Cindy Huffines
2013 Officer Dennis Hamm
2014 Officer Bridget Griepentrog
2016 Officer John Downs
2017 Metro Officer Terrance McBride
2018 MNPD Veteran Jeff Tharpe

Nassau County, NY

1995 Detective Lieutenant Robert R. Reed
1996 Detective Lieutenant Eugene Dolan
1997 Deputy Chief Micael F. Miglino
1998 Police Officer Allan J. Wicklund
1999 Police Officer James R. Graham
2000 Detective Brian F. Sullivan
2001 Detective Patrick J. Bellotti
2002 Detective Lieutenant Eric Jenkins
2003 Police Officer Theresa Cronin
2004 Police Officer James Read
2005 Police Officer Lee Krill
2006 Police Sergeant Michael O'Mara
2007 Police Officer Michael Schmitt
2008 Police Officer Edward Hartmann
2009 Sergeant John Mateer
2010 Police Officer Sharon Galvin
2011 Detective Sergeant Carmine E. Soldano
2012 Officer Jeffrey Ferguson
2013 Police Officer Peter Chuchul
2014 Police Officer Stephen Conlin
2015 Police Officer Mohit Arora
2016 Police Officer Nicholas Brando
2017 Police Officer Joseph Avanzato
2018 Police Officer Richard Rothwell
2019 Detective Sergeant Craig W. Croly

New York City, NY

1983 Detective Alphonse Ripandelli, Jr.
1984 Detective John Snidersich
1985 Police Officer Michael McComick
1986 Police Officer Vivian F. Picciarelli
1987 Lieutenant Gerard P. Simpson
1988 Sergeant Clement C. Johnson
1989 Detective Christ L. Loucas
1990 Detective Jean Suhr
1991 Police Officer Yolanda Lugo
1992 Police Officer Joseph Wittleder
1993 Captain Edward Mamet
1994 Police Officer Michael Schoonmaker
1995 Detective Douglas Pfleging
1996 Police Officer Garret Lavelle
1997 Sergeant Andrew S. Benjamin
1998 Sergeant Richard Fernandez
1999 Police Officer Anthony Maresca
2000 Sergeant Maria Codd-Perez
2001 Detective Thomas Koehler
2002 Lieutenant Robert J. Martin
2003 No award
2004 Sergeant Patrick Benevent

New Orleans, LA

1998 Police Officer Lloyd Van Clark
2000 Police Officer Carlton L. Lewis
2001 Police Officer Stephen A. Pepin
2002 Public Information Officer Juan D. Barnes, Sr.
2003 Police Officer Christopher W. Abbott
2004 Police Officer Timothy Bruneau
2005 Police Officer Robert Canedo

Philadelphia, PA

1996 Police Officer Anthony Howard
1997 Police Officer Deborah Hoepp McConomy
1997 Police Officer Nick Mocharnuk
1998 Police Officer Daniel Moroney
1998 Police Officer Jeanne Smith
1999 Police Officer James Code III
2000 Police Officer Brian Carter

Suffolk County, NY

1995 Detective John P. Keane, Jr.
1996 Detective Robert T. Staab
1997 Lieutenant John J. Horan
1998 Police Officer Anthony T. Molfetta
1999 Detective James Hughes
2000 Police Officer Daniel Cunningham
2001 Police Officer Scott A. Farber
2002 Detective Robert J. Anderson
2003 Police Officer William R. Fairchild
2004 Police Officer Marlene Tully
2005 Police Officer Kathleen A. McGowan
2006 Detective Margaret Tatarian
2007 Detective Thomas McDougall
2008 Police Officer Kenneth Ripp
2009 Detective Robert Sehy
2010 Police Officer Michael Conklin
2011 Police Officer Thomas Wilson
2012 Deputy Inspector Kevin Fallon
2013 Detective Lieutenant Jack (John) Fitzpatrick
2014 Police Officer Thomas Tatarian
2015 Sergeant Andrew Kenneally
2016 Police Officer Mark Collins
2017 Police Officer Edward Gomez
2018 The late Detective William Maldonado
2019 Police Officer Vincent Pelliccio

San Diego, CA

2012 Office Bruce Byrd
2014 Officer Travis Betley
2015 Officer Scott Pickard
2016 Police Officer II Jeffrey Swett
2017 Police Officer Martin Morabe
2018 Police Officer Darren Hamilton

Western New York

1991 Detective Sergeant Joseph A. LaRosa, Hamburg Police Department
1992 Officer Lawrence J. Metlak, Buffalo Police Department
1993 Officer Victor A. DeSimone, Buffalo Police Department
1994 Officer Robert Quintana, Buffalo Police Department
1995 Lieutenant Albert Damiani, Buffalo Police Department
1996 Lieutenant Kenneth M. Bienko, Buffalo Police Department
1997 Detective Vincent Pupo, Jr., Erie County Sheriff
1998 Deputy David R. Carlson, Erie County Sheriff
1999 Officer Michael N. Martinez, Buffalo Police Department
2000 Officer Gregory Handgis, Buffalo Police Department
2002 Trooper John C. Morrow, New York State Police
2003 Detective Sergeant Michael N. Torrillo, New York State Police
2004 NYS Trooper Monte A. Trimble, New York State Police
2006 Lieutenant Joseph A. Buccilli, Orchard Park Police Department
2007 K-9 Officer Steven D. Ritchie, Lockport Police Department
2008 Trooper Michael J. Niezgoda, Jr., New York State Police
2010 Trooper John M. Spero, New York State Police
2011 Lieutenant Cheryl Rucinski of the Cheektowaga Police Department
2012 Lieutenant David Schuman, Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office
2016 Captain Eric L. Laughton
2017 Officer Michael Hoffman
2018 Trooper Sean Pierce


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