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Capital Area Chapter

The Capital Area Chapter represents TRA members in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia. The Chapter hosts an annual Theodore Roosevelt Police Award, which honors a local, state or federal law enforcement officer in the Washington DC region who as experienced an injury or illness and continues to render noteworthy service to his or her department. We also hold a public speaking competition at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Washington, DC, participate in bi-annual clean-ups of Theodore Roosevelt Island and TR birthday celebrations on the island.

Discovering TR in the Region

There are many sites, both historical and contemporary, associated with Theodore Roosevelt. TR's life and career carried him throughout the greater Washington area, and his name has inspired bars, bed and breakfasts, and many other sites in the region. Here are some of the most notable:

The White House—Washington, DC
The Roosevelt family lived here from 1901 to 1909, and as TR said, "I don't think any family has enjoyed the White House more than we have." The antics of the Roosevelt children, from giving their pony rides in the elevator to roller-skating on the hardwood floors, added a colorful chapter to White House lore. "Princess Alice" Roosevelt, TR's first child, married Congressman Nicholas Longworth in the East Room, February 17, 1906.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)—Norfolk, VA
The USS Theodore Roosevelt is a NIMITZ-class aircraft carrier home-ported in Norfolk, VA. Nicknamed the "Big Stick," the ship carries a crew of over 5,000 and has supported naval operations around the world in her storied 25-plus years at sea.

Bullfeathers on Capitol Hill—Washington, DC
This restaurant’s is attributed to TR's abrupt response to anyone he suspected might not be telling the truth. The TR theme is carried throughout the restaurant and the proprietors consider him a mentor because he relished the challenges and fullness of life.

Old Ebbitt Grill—Washington, DC
The Old Ebbitt Grill has been a Washington institution since 1856, and was patronized by Presidents Grant, Cleveland and Theodore Roosevelt. Legend has it that the walrus head on display is a trophy from one of TR's hunting trips, but not everyone believes the facts support the fable.

Pine Knot Retreat—Keene, VA
Before Camp David there was Pine Knot, a cottage in the woods of Albemarle County, Virginia. Purchased in 1905 by Edith Roosevelt as a family retreat, Pine Knot provided a welcome escape from the demands of the presidency and allowed the Roosevelts to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Virginia piedmont.

Theodore Roosevelt Island—Washington, DC
The TRA purchased this 91-acre wooded island in the Potomac River and later donated it to the National Park Service. The island was dedicated in 1967 as living memorial to Theodore Roosevelt.

Grace Reformed Church—Washington, DC
Theodore Roosevelt and his family attended services at Grace Reformed Church during his presidency. He also laid the cornerstone for the current building in 1902. The church continues to foster its connection to TR by maintaining a history room with an artifacts collection and sponsoring events throughout the year.

Main House at Marymount University—Arlington, VA

This Georgian residence, and the surrounding property, was once the home of Admiral Presley M. Rixey, who served as White House physician to both Theodore Roosevelt and his predecessor, William McKinley. TR struck up a friendship with Rixey, visiting the family and taking horseback rides around the estate. He was never a guest at the home that is currently standing though; it was built between 1919 and 1920 to replace a farmhouse that burned in 1907. TR would also stop in to see Rixey's valet, Richard Wallace, who lived on the property in a dog-trot cabin known as Birchwood. That house was reconstructed from the original timber in 1936 and is still standing at 4572 North 26th Street in Arlington.

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