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HomePublic Papers of Theodore Roosevelt, Governor 1899

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Public Papers of Theodore Roosevelt, Governor 1899

State of New York Public Papers of Theodore Roosevelt Governor 1899
Albany, N. Y. Brandow Printing Company Department Printers 1899

  • Designation of Private Secretary
    Annual Message
    Counsel in Canal Investigation, as to compensation of
    Dewey Celebration, advising appropriation for the
    Extraordinary Session, recommending appropriation for the
    Rapid Transit in New York City, relating to
    Returning Senate Bill 213, escheat to Michael and Margaret Sullivan
    Rochester Public Schools, relating to
    State Finance Law, for consideration of amendment to the
    Taxation, suggesting a proper scheme of
    Taxation of Franchises, relating to
    Appropriation Bill (S. 1483)
    Cities of the Second Class, bill to amend the law for (S. 1399)
    Civil Service Law, to amend the (A. 2185)
    Dewey Celebration, bill making appropriation for the (S. I. 2)
    Elections Law, bill to amend the (S. 1492)
    Extraordinary Session, bill making appropriation for ex-penses of the (A. I. 1)
    Franchise Tax Bill (S. I. 1)
    Franchise Tax Law, bill to amend the (S. 1102)
    Metropolitan Elections District, bill to establish the (S. 1496)
    Nassau County Notaries Bill (S. I. 631)
    New York Charter, bill to amend as to offensive trades in Brooklyn (A. 2286)
    Primary Elections Law, bill to amend the (A. 2451)
    Rapid Transit Bill (S. 1489)
    State Finance Law, bill to amend as to prison’s manufacturing funds (S. I. 4)
    Supply Bill (A. 2455)
    Tax Commissioners, bill making appropriation for ex-penses of (S. I. 3)
    Ways and Means for Support of Government, bill to pro-vide (A. 2466)
    Transmitting papers relating to nomination of State Com-missioner in Lunacy Osborn
    Franchise Tax Bill, relating to emergency message on the
    Announcing the death of ex-Governor Flower
    Announcing the death of Vice-President Hobart
    Appointing Holidays for Dewey Celebration
    Appointing a day of Thanksgiving
    Convening the Legislature in Extraordinary Session
    Ordering Special Election for Assemblyman, Thirty-first District, New York County
    Inaugural Address
    Albany Young Men’s Christian Association
    At Grant’s Tomb, New York city
    Banquet to Ambassador Choate
    Buffalo Independent Club
    Frederick Douglass’ Memorial
    Grand Army Republic at New York city
    Hamilton Club, Chicago
    Hungarian Roosevelt Club
    Lincoln Club Dinner
    Mount Pleasant Military Academy
    New York City Civic Club
    New York City Club
    Presentation to Commodore Phillip
    State Bar Association Banquet
    Syracuse Chamber of Commerce
    To Citizens of Bath
    West Side Club
    Yale Alumni Dinner
    Private Secretary, William J. Youngs
    Secretary to Governor, William J. Youngs
    District Attorney Queens County, George W. Davison
    District Attorney Kings County, Hiram R. Steele
    Special Counsel, canal investigation, Austen G. Fox and Wallace MacFarlane
    Special Counsel, canal investigation, Franklin D. Locke
    District Attorney Erie County, Thomas Penney
    District Attorney Rockland County, George A. Wyre
    Commissioner in the Matter of Hutson, Winfield S. Thrasher
    Astoria Gas Company, letter to Land Office Commissioners relating to the
    Capitol Commissioner, order removing Perry from office of
    Civil Service, rules regulating the State
    District Attorney of Herkimer, letter to the
    Game Protectors, letter to Fisheries Commission concerning
    Gardiner, District Attorney, matter of charges against
    General Francis V. Greene, letter relative to canal experts, to
    Hutson, County Treasurer, matter of charges against
    Letter to Superintendent Partridge, concerning proposed bridge at Troy
    Major-General Roe, dismissal of charges preferred against
    Martha Place, denial of application for Executive clemency in behalf of
    Martha Place, letter to warden relative to execution of
    Mashbir, Notary Public, matter of charges preferred against
    Memorandum, filed with approved bill regulating hours of labor (A. 2222)
    Catskill, Eastern Paving Brick Company, nuisance at
    Saratoga Lake, order directing abatement of nuisances at
    Rensselaer Water Supply
    Seventy-first Regiment Inquiry, approval of findings of court in the
    Justice Nash to Appellate Division, Fourth Department, temporarily
    Justice Kellogg to Appellate Division, Third Department, temporarily
    Justice Smith to Appellate Division, Fourth Department
    Justice Adams as presiding justice, Appellate Division, Fourth De-partment
    Justice Smith’s revocation to Appellate Division, Fourth Department
    Justice Smith to Appellate Division, Third Department
    Justice Barrett to Appellate Division, First Department
    Extraordinary Trial Term at New York city, Justice Werner
    Justice Spring to Appellate Division, Fourth Department
    Justice Barnard (retired) to duty
    United States Senator Depew, certificate of election of
    Adulteration of Beer, relating to (S. 462)
    Albany County Commissioner of Jurors, amending act relating to (A. 1225)
    Attorneys to Wear Gowns (A. 639)
    Bridge across Hudson, by Albany Railway Company, for a (S. 902)
    Bridge at Buffalo, to develop power of Niagara river, for a (S. 432)
    Brooklyn, relating to offensive trades in (A. 1614)
    Drug Clerks, to regulate hours of (A. 1635)
    Labor Law, amending as to safety appliances (A. 1434)
    New York City Charter, amending as to municipal assembly (A. 1457)
    Omnibus Veto, thirty-day bills not signed
    Policemen and Firemen in New York City, for relief of certain (sundry Senate and Assembly bills)
    Supply Bill Item, appropriation for lighting Senate chamber (A. 2454)
    “Sweat Shops,” relating to (A. 1599)
    Theater Tickets, to regulate sale of (A. 829)
    Bates, James T
    Bayard, Walter
    Butler, Charles F
    Delaney, James
    Goldberg, Benjamin
    Hannigan, John J
    Kane, John J
    Morrissey, Thomas
    Noonan, Daniel
    Spear, Herbert
    Turnbull, William B
    Wilson, John
    Baldwin, John C
    Bergen, William
    Blighton, Frank H
    Bowers, George
    Bowes, John
    Carr, James
    Casello, Michael
    Cassidy, William
    Chase, Franke E
    Clarke, Frederick W
    Coburn, Theodore
    Devine, Edward
    Dunn, Thomas
    Felton, Charles M
    Golden, Mahlon
    Henry, Joseph
    Hess, Martin
    Howard, John
    Jourdan, Joseph
    Kinsella, John
    Lidi, Fred. W
    Lincoln, George H
    Loftus, James
    Marceau, Frank
    Merrihew, Harriet A
    Minisci, Antonio
    Montague, Henry L
    Peckens, Charles O
    Pfeiffer, Joseph
    Pierce, Henry
    Porter, Bruce
    Robbins, John H
    Sartori, Angelo
    Schneider, Joseph
    Sullivan, Patrick
    Thomas, Richard H
    White, Henry

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