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See Lunatic Fringe; Nature Fakers; Political Quacks. Quarrels.

Quacks.  Quarrels

There are certain elementary facts to be grasped by this people before we can have any policy at all. The first fact is a thorough understanding of that hoary falsehood which declares that it takes two to make a quarrel, It did not take two nations to make the quarrel that resulted in Germany trampling Belgium into the mire. It is no more true that it takes two to make a quarrel in international matters than it is to make the same assertion about a highwayman who holds up a passer-by or a black-hander who kidnaps a child. The people who do not make quarrels, who are not offensive, who give no cause for anger, are those who ordinarily furnish the victims of highwaymen, black-handers, and whiteslavers. (Metropolitan, February 1916.) Mem. Ed. XX, 279; Nat. Ed. XVIII, 239.


See Royalty


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